Dental Malpractice - Failure to Follow Up – Oral Surgeon

Dennis Vandenberg successfully defended a Palm Beach County general dentist accused of failing to properly follow up on an aborted third molar extraction by direct referral of patient to an oral surgeon and/or provide the patient with antibiotics. The plaintiff was hospitalized overnight for completion of the extraction and debridement of the infected area. The plaintiff had claimed approximately $12,000 in medical expenses. He also contended that the doctor told him he had 30 days to address the situation, rather than as soon as possible recommendation as testified by the dentist. The plaintiff called a local general dentist with minimal recent experience with third molar extractions. The defense called an Oral Surgeon/MD in addition to reading the deposition of the treating Oral Surgeon. The jury deliberated for approximately 2.5 hours before returning a defense verdict. The plaintiff was represented by a local Dentist/Attorney.

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