Failure to Submit to Examination Under Oath – Summary Judgment for Insurance Carrier

Robert Tacher obtained Summary Judgment on the case in Broward County. of Florez v. Citizens. This case arose from an alleged water leak in the Plaintiff’s home for which the Plaintiff was claiming substantial damages and attorney’s fees. Through aggressive discovery, Robert was successful in getting all of the Plaintiff’s experts stricken due to the Plaintiff’s failure to comply with discovery orders.
After the experts were stricken, Robert filed a Motion for Summary Judgment. Just before the hearing on the motion and just before trial, the Plaintiff attempted to file an affidavit from a new expert in opposition to the Motion for Summary Judgment. Robert was successful in getting the new expert stricken too, on the grounds that the late entry into the case was in violation of the court’s trial order. Not only did Robert obtain summary judgment, but pursuant to a Proposal for Settlement that had previously been filed, he is in the process of recovering attorney’s fees and costs for the client.

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