Medical Malpractice

The firm defends hospitals, physicians, nurses and other professionals within the medical community. Within our staff of experienced medical malpractice attorneys are individuals who are well known guest lecturers at professional health care seminars and are published in numerous medical and legal publications. 
 The firm’s resources also include an up-to-date medical library, extensive on-line research programs and a database of the finest medical experts throughout the United States. Our representation of the medical community extends beyond defending malpractice claims. We have successfully defended medical care providers in general liability matters, DBPR proceeding, credentialing and licensing.

Key Florida Statutes relied upon in Medical Malpractice

Caps on Non-Economic Damages766.118
DentistryChapter 466
Doctor/Patient Privilege456.057
Financial Responsibility 458.32
Formal Supervisory Relationships458.348
Good Samaritan Immunity768.13
Grounds for Discipline456.072
Health Practice-General ProvisionsChapter 456
Medical Consent Law 766.103
Medical MalpracticeChapter 766
Medical Practice Chatper 458
Offers to Pay Medical Expense 90.408
Osteopathic MedicineChapter 459
Ownership of Patient Records456.057
Presuit Requirements766.203
Settlement Agreement-Effect Upon Discipline766.113
Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice Claims 95.11(4)(b)
Statute of Limitations-Disciplinary Actions456.073(13)
Good Samaritan Immunity768.13