Defense Verdict – Bicycle vs. Car

Matthew Fiorello defended a case involving a bicycle vs. car accident.  Defendant was driving a vehicle that collided with a bicycle as it was exiting onto US-1 in Jensen Beach.  Defendant admitted that he never saw the plaintiff prior to the accident.   The plaintiff asked the jury for $190k in past medicals, over $1 million in future medicals, and for past/future pain and suffering for over $10 million.

The jury awarded $20,916.33 and reduced it by 57.5% following the comparative negligence of the plaintiff.  The jury found no permanent injury, and therefore no pain and suffering damages.  This equated to an initial verdict of $8,889.44.  Defense had a set-off for PIP of $10,000, so the net verdict was ZERO. 

Matthew Fiorello