RSD – Cervical Epidural

Dennis Vandenberg and his team successfully defended a Martin County anesthesiologist/pain management physician in a claimed RSD injury from a cervical epidural. The Plaintiff, an individual with numerous injuries and cervical and lumbar procedures contended that he was pressured into a cervical rather than a lumbar epidural on the day of the incident. The physician testified that the patient jerked backwards when the isovue was injected. Initially the MRI showed a contusion to the cord, which disappeared after one year. The Plaintiff contended that he had RSD in his entire right arm. The signs and symptoms were inconsistent with RSD. The Plaintiff’s expert testimony was overwhelmed by a nationally recognized pain management specialist who testified not only to the standard of care but the lack of support for a diagnosis of RSD. The defense neurological evaluation had the same findings. Plaintiff’s sought $500,000 from the defendant, and after 90 minutes of deliberation the jury found in favor of the defense.

Dennis Vandenberg

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